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Lawyers in Jersey

Lawyers in Jersey

We are a full-service law firm in Jersey offering services to companies, foreign investors, entrepreneurs, and individuals who need assistance with matters in all areas of law.

Part of the services offered by our lawyers in Jersey focus on litigation, however, our attorneys have experience in all areas of law, including commercial and business law, conveyancing, and family law.

Our approach is straightforward and client-oriented. We focus on small or large cases and represent local companies, as well as international businesses.

Our lawyers in Jersey will provide foreign investors with all the needed assistance once they decide to open a company in Jersey. Our solutions extend well beyond the pre and post-incorporation of the business, as we can offer legal assistance, guidance, and representation once the company starts trading. If you want to know more about the benefits and uses of a Jersey company, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Read below to find out more about our solutions for companies and individuals and reach out to us as soon as you need legal guidance.

Services for companies

Our team of lawyers in Jersey has relevant experience in all areas of commercial law.

  1. Corporate and commercial: company formation, company acquisition, legal aspects concerning contracts, shareholder rights, shareholder disputes, and much more;
  2. Setting up a business in Jersey: a special division of our team focused solely on company formation in Jersey throughout all of the required stages; we offer services for local and offshore companies;
  3. Employment law: assistance for drafting employment agreements, legal counsel for dismissals and issues or disputes concerning employee rights in Jersey; information about hiring EU nationals, subject to the new rules;
  4. Intellectual property: assistance for trademark registration, patents and designs, trademark infringement cases, and information on international trademark protection.
 Quick Facts  
 Commercial litigation assistance offered by our lawyers in Jersey

Assistance in domestic and international business disputes involving entities in Jersey: breach of contract, shareholder disputes, professional negligence matters, insurance or fraud, data protection, and other claims

Jersey company formation services

Complete assistance for the creation of companies in Jersey. Corporate registration, license applications, changes to existing business types and more


 Banking and financial institutions regulation,
investment funds in Jersey
Employment Employment contract drafting and review, legal representation in employment claims, dismissals, disciplinary issues, M&A employment issues
International investments
in Jersey

Branch and representative office creation, franchising,
cross-border issues

Tax matters 

Jersey is a low-tax jurisdiction. Nonetheless, our lawyers will provide complete information on the requirements for companies and the provisions of the double taxation agreements


We assist companies that enter the voluntary liquidation phase. Our lawyers also provide court representation in case of bankruptcy

Intellectual property Trademark registration and opposition, copyright infringement cases, patent and design registration, other disputes concerning IP rights
Debt recovery with the help of our
lawyers in Jersey
Amicable debt recovery whenever possible. Our lawyers favour negotiation and resort to legal proceedings as a final option
Real estate issues Commercial and residential property acquisition and development projects, real estate portfolio legal advice, representation in case of appeals and other property disputes
Residential conveyancing Buying and selling property in Jersey, leases, tenant disputes and other property issues
Individual employment  Unfair dismissal cases, workplace harassment, unpaid benefits, issues concerning your rights as a foreign employee and others
Civil litigation Breach of contract, consumer law issues, neighbour disputes, personal injury, property disagreements and others
Divorce and family law Advice and legal representation during the divorce proceedings, assistance for child custody and maintenance issues, pre- and post-nuptial agreements, family disputes (asset division, wills, and others)
Jersey immigration Our lawyers in Jersey will help you apply for the right type of temporary residence permit, permanent residence, or citizenship by naturalization

We focus on company formation in Jersey, however, we are also able to help you with issues concerning business sales and purchases, commercial contracts, legal opinions, or banking and financial matters.

Because Jersey offers many business advantages, particularly for offshore company creation, a large part of our legal team deals with setting up a business in Jersey. If you are a foreign investor, we can assist you from start to finish when you open a company here.

You can read more about our services below:

Our services also include those related to commercial leaseholds and the acquisition of property for commercial development purposes.

If you wish to open a company in Jersey, you can fully rely on our company formation packages.

We also assist investors who wish to open a branch in Jersey.

We remind investors of the following registry fees, payable with the Jersey Financial Services Commission and other authorities for the purpose of company incorporation:

  • £61 for the registration of a business name;
  • £670 for the 2-hour company incorporation;
  • £165 for the 5-day company incorporation;
  • £ 1,210 minimum for the out-of-hours company incorporation (only by agreement).

Our lawyers also provide needed services in Guernsey, the smaller of the two islands that make up the British Crown Dependency of the Channel Islands. The registration of a company here is controlled and can only be performed by a licensed fiduciary services provider. Our team has the needed expertise and is capable of assisting with company formation in Guernsey.

Our lawyers can also answer relevant questions about Jersey trusts. These vehicles are commonly used for asset protection or tax planning purposes, however, they can also have commercial uses, namely for real estate matters. Our team can answer your questions about the legally binding arrangement between the parties involved in a trust (their duties and responsibilities).

Although a large part of our activities consists of assisting those who wish to set up a company in Jersey, our team is also able to answer other questions. We know the importance of working closely with a local team of legal specialists who can answer your questions, help you prepare important steps for your business or relocation, as well as offer you counselling and effective solutions as needed.

Services for individual clients offered by our lawyers in Jersey

Along with the solutions we provide for investors and corporations, we also work with individual clients looking for a team who will be able to help them with life’s challenges.

  • Immigration: if you want to immigrate to Jersey, our team can assist you throughout the process; we also provide services for those who are already residents and wish to make their stay permanent;
  • Divorce: our lawyers in Jersey will help you with divorce or separation matters; we offer legal services for all matters relating to Family Law, including wills, child maintenance or child custody;
  • Employment: our team handles cases involving unfair dismissal, workplace harassment, and other matters;
  • Real estate: if you are ready to purchase a home, or if you have a tenancy issue, our attorneys can help clarify the matter.

Whether related to divorce, adopting a child, dividing property in Jersey, buying a home, or relocating to Jersey for employment or other reasons, we are here to answer your questions.

We offer legal counsel and legal representation in all areas of law, for small and large cases.

Our trustworthy team can help you with matters concerning:

Our lawyers in Jersey can answer any questions about the services we offer for companies and individuals.

Contact us for more information, as well as to schedule an appointment with one of our attorneys.