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Lawyers in Guernsey

Lawyers in Guernsey

Our lawyers in Guernsey specialise in assisting foreign entrepreneurs who are interested in setting up a business in the Channel Islands. The favourable business and investment climate is aided by the zero-tax regime for most businesses, making Guernsey and Jersey suitable locations for companies.

We are one of the Guernsey law firms that assist both businesses and individuals with tailored solutions focused on meeting their legal needs in a straightforward way. Our combined expertise allows us to provide legal solutions not only in cases involving business law and international corporations, but also in matters concerning intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions, taxation optimization, or real estate matters, among others.

Our Guernsey solicitors briefly list our legal services below, however, should you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible.

Solutions for company formation in Guernsey

Our lawyers in Guernsey can help investors with:

  • Company formation: our team assists investors throughout all the company formation stages in Guernsey; we also provide solutions for mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, or corporate structuring;
  • Investment funds: Guernsey and Jersey offer significant advantages for investors; our lawyers can answer important questions for investors interested in fund creation or listing, fund regulation in the Channel Islands, a swell as investment management services;
  • Corporate/business law: our Guernsey solicitors can provide legal advice and representation in matters concerning not only corporate regulation, but also competition law, insurance law, data protection, and GDPR;
  • Dispute resolution: we represent clients in domestic and international cases, commercial disputes, fraud cases, regulatory investigations, and more; we assist both in complex and semi-contentious cases;
  • IP rights: we are also one of the Guernsey law firms specialising in intellectual property matters, cross-border intellectual property enforcement and property rights, patent and design issues, and more.

Part of our team also specialises in the blockchain sector and can provide essential information for those looking to open a crypto company.  Additionally, we can also offer guidance in tax matters, as companies in Guernsey are taxed at three different rates:

  • 0% for most companies carrying our business in the Bailiwick of Guernsey;
  • 10% for companies in the banking business, as well as those offering fund administration and fiduciary solutions, or those involved in insurance management, among others;
  • 20% in the case of companies involved in the licensed production of prescribed/controlled drugs, involved in activities regulated by the Competition and Regulatory Authority, or those deriving income from the exploitation of land, among other types of businesses.

Our team can also assist those interested in company formation in Jersey, as well as those who wish to know more about setting up a Jersey trust company.

Legal services for individuals

Our lawyers in Guernsey also assist private clients who are in need of legal services, or, at the least, answers to pressing questions as part of legal consulting and advisory services. We can help you with matters concerning:

Real estate: purchasing and selling real estate, issues concerning leases, residential conveyancing, property joint venture agreements, and others;

Employment: our Guernsey solicitors will answer questions related to employment rights and agreements, unlawful termination, workplace discrimination, etc.;

Private wealth: our team provides fiduciary services, as well as assistance in setting up a Jersey trust for those interested in asset protection and wealth planning;

Other services for individuals: probate services, wills, handling civil and family disputes, and others.

Please feel free to contact our lawyers in Guernsey as soon as possible and one of our solicitors will give you more details on how we can assist you according to the complexity of your case.

If you are interested in other types of services, such as those offered by our local accountants, do not hesitate to reach out to our team.