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Set up a Fund in Jersey

Set up a Fund in Jersey

Investors who are interested in the creation of Jersey funds have access to a wide range of structures and types. Jersey’s regulatory regime, as well as easy access to the European market are two of the most important reasons to set up a fund in Jersey.

Setting up a business in Jersey, as well as fund creation and overall compliance for businesses is easier with our help. We are a team of experts who can help investors open a company in Jersey.

If you want to know more about Jersey private funds, or if you want to set up a hedge fund in Jersey, you can always contact us if you have questions. We can also help you if you are interested in opening a Jersey trust company.

Types of Jersey funds

Jersey is a popular location for investors who wish to register alternative investment funds. The sector is well-developed, and many investors choose to open a hedge fund in Jersey.

Our team briefly lists some of the types of structures available to investors:

  • the private fund: it is a flexible structure that can be easily marketed, used for co-investments or cross-border structuring; it cannot be listed;
  • the unregulated eligible investor fund: it is not subject to the Collective Investment Funds Law in Jersey, however, it does need to meet other criteria;
  • the expert fund: can be set up a hedge fund in Jersey, or as private equity vehicles; as the name suggests, they are reserved for experienced investors;
  • the regulated eligible investor fund: an Alternaitve Investment Fund (AIF) which is similar to the expert fund and it is subject to authorization and ongoing compliance.

The hedge fund in Jersey can be defined as a separate type of fund, as it is a structure that focuses on several alternative investments. Unlike mutual funds, hedge funds adopt a more flexible investment strategy.

As far as the minimum investment is concerned, the following can apply:

  • £250,000 minimum investment level for a Jersey private fund (in most cases); no more than 50 professional or eligible investors can participate;
  • US$100,000 for the expert fund; only expert investors can participate and there is no limit;

Please keep in mind that the types of Jersey funds listed above are only briefly described. Our team can give you more details about the available structures, their advantages, and how to choose one that suits your goals.

Essential issues to consider for investors who set up a fund in Jersey

Because Jersey funds can take the form of more than one type of structure, it is essential to determine the most appropriate form, and then follow the steps for its creation.

Our team specializing in company formation in Jersey assists investors who wish to register one of the types of funds described herein. The choice can be influenced by many issues, including the authorization requirements with the Jersey Financial Services Commission, and the time for registration.

When choosing one of the types of Jersey funds, we recommend keeping in mind the following issues:

  • the type of legal structure;
  • the fees and time for registration;
  • the number of investors interested in setting up the fund;
  • the need to contract specialized service providers;
  • the manner in which the fund will be promoted, and others.

Some of the current fees that investors can keep in mind are:

  • a £1,520 application fee for a Jersey private fund;
  • a £1,210 annual fee for the private fund;
  • a higher application fee for an expert fund/listed fund/eligible investor fund, at £3,050;
  • a minimum approval/registration time of 48 hours (for the private fund), and more for other types of funds (approximately 72 hours).

Our experts can also provide other types of services to interested businesspeople, such as those for investors who wish to immigrate to Jersey.

Contact our team if you are interested in setting up a business in Jersey, or if you have questions about how to set up a fund in Jersey.