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Company Formation Services in Guernsey

Company Formation Services in Guernsey

The process for company formation in Guernsey is performed with the help of a licensed corporate service provider. Our team has the required licenses and experience to assist investors who are ready to open a company here.

Guernsey offshore company formation is attractive due to the low incorporation and management costs and the ability to choose a business form that will provide limited liability. Additionally, companies can be exempt from taxation.

Our company formation experts can provide the needed assistance that is mandatory for incorporation in this jurisdiction. With our help, investors will enjoy low Guernsey company formation costs, as well as a fast procedure that will allow them to commence the intended business operations in a timely manner.

The main conditions for company formation in Guernsey

Opening a company in Guernsey is a straightforward process, however, it can only take place with the assistance of a corporate service provider that has a relevant fiduciary license.

Our team can assist investors who wish to commence this process and observes the relevant provisions of the Financial Services Commission in terms of fiduciary duty towards clients.

The main requirements investors need to be prepared for when commending the process for company formation in Guernsey are the following:

  • the company will have at least 1 director; there are no applicable nationality restrictions;
  • all Guernsey companies will have a registered address here; virtual office services can be available;
  • the company will have an appointed registered agent who is a corporate service provider (subject to certain conditions);
  • the founders will prepare and duly register the articles of association, the documents that include all of the relevant information about the business;
  • the company will have an original name and observe the regulations for prohibited words.

As far as the company directors are concerned, the requirement to have a resident agent can also be fulfilled by a Guernsey resident director, if the company appoints one. Therefore, the company can have 2 directors, one of which is a resident.

Our Guernsey company formation agents can give you complete information on the Companies Law 2008, as well as provide you with additional details about the conditions set forth above.

Assistance for Guernsey offshore company formation

Working with a team of certified professionals is not only helpful but also mandatory In Guernsey.

Our team can help those interested open a company by following the relevant procedures. Moreover, we also provide assistance for those interested in corporate compliance, in addition to company formation in Guernsey.

The services provided by our team after the incorporation phase can include obtaining proper licenses as well as following through with the requirements for the annual validation fees.

Some of the Guernsey company formation costs will include the following:

  • renting or purchasing suitable office space or requesting virtual office services;
  • the £100 fee for the standard 24-hour incorporation;
  • an alternative £350 fee for the fast-track incorporation within 2 hours;
  • £25 for the company name reservation;
  • the special, £750 fee for the 15-minute company incorporation, only available in limited cases.

With a standard incorporation of 24-hours, the Guernsey company formation costs can amount to £125 only for the fees payable to the Registry for Limited Companies. The other costs differ according to the chosen services providers.

Investors interested in company formation in Guernsey can also receive guidance from our team regarding the requirements for the company name. Some of the most important conditions are summarized below:

  1. the name will include a mandatory component that will highlight the type of company, such as the words “limited” or “protected cell”;
  2. the name cannot be similar to another one registered in Guernsey as it cannot be confused with an existing, registered one;
  3. only companies that engage in certain specific activities can use words such as “fund” or “insurance”;
  4. the name cannot be the same as that of a company that was registered in Guernsey in the 10 years prior to the proposed registration.

Contact us if you are interested in company formation in Guernsey. Our team provides licensed, professional services and assists investors from around the world.

Our local company formation experts also assist those who wish to set up a trust in Jersey. A trust has many uses, both at a commercial level, and a personal level when it is used for private wealth management purposes. A Jersey trust allows for confidentiality and anonymity and this jurisdiction offers a particularly attractive regime for trusts. Our team can give you more details.