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Accountants in Jersey

Accountants in Jersey

We are one of the accountancy firms in Jersey that offers complete services for companies, irrespective of the industry in which they activate.

We focus not only on accounting, but also audit, business advisory for financial purposes, and taxation in general.

Our tax advisor in Jersey is able to provide clarifications on Jersey’s tax neutrality and how your company will be subject to reporting matters.

Our Jersey company formation specialists work closely with our chartered accountants in Jersey to provide complete services to local and foreign investors or sole traders.

You can reach out to us if you already have a business in Jersey or if you plan to incorporate a company in the Channel Islands and benefit from the tax neutral regime.

Services offered by our accountants

Our accountants in Jersey can help you with:

  1. Accounts management: tracking the financial operations of the business using reliable accounting software;
  2. Preparing and submitting the accounts: drawing up and preparing the company’s accounts in accordance with the annual reporting requirements;
  3. Forensic accounting: our chartered accountants in Jersey offer complete assistance in case of fiscal investigations in case of money laundering accusations or in other complex situations;
  4. Others: services related to internal controls for the business, depending on the field of activity and particular financial situation.

Other services offered by our tax advisor in Jersey include:

  • Payroll: managing the monthly payments to the employees, making social security payments, making deductions, calculating and paying bonuses;
  • Tax compliance: our accountants in Jersey can make sure that your comply complies with the tax filing submission deadlines so that you can avoid unnecessary penalties;
  • Tax registration: we can also assist companies that need to register with the local tax authorities;
  • Audit: we are one of the accountancy firms in Jersey that provide audit services, as needed according to the type of company.

You can reach out to our Jersey company formation specialists if you have questions about any of these services.

Taxation in Jersey

Being a low tax jurisdiction, Jersey imposes the following taxes on companies:

  • 0% standard corporate income tax rate;
  • 10% corporate tax rate for financial service companies;
  • 20% tax rate for utility companies;
  • Large corporations that have a cumulative retail turnover in Jersey of £2 million or more are subject to variable corporate tax rate of up to 20%.

Our tax advisory in Jersey can provide you with more information about taxation according to the business field in which you activate.

Other taxes include the goods and services tax, which has a standard rate of 5% for most types of goods and services.

We are one of the accountancy firms in Jersey that offer services to both companies and individuals.

As far as individual taxation is concerned, the following rates apply:

  • 20% maximum personal income tax rate;
  • an exemption threshold applies to individuals with a low income;
  • those who have a low income that does however exceed the exemption threshold will be required to pay personal income tax, however, it will not amount to 20%.

You can reach out to our chartered accountants in Jersey for more information, including about deductions or allowances that can be claimed in Jersey.

We provide complete registration and accounting services to local and foreign companies in Jersey, including branches.

Our team of lawyers is able to answer any questions regarding business and corporate regulations, the applicable tax laws, or other relevant laws.

You can contact our accountants in Jersey for more information about our services, as well as personalized solutions or services.