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Company Formation in Jersey

Investors who open a company in Jersey enjoy not only a straightforward incorporation process but also notable tax advantages, making the jurisdiction suitable for basing all types of businesses, as well as for wealth management purposes.

Jersey is a British Crown Dependency, meaning that the English company law is prevalent, and the same underlying principles apply in the Jersey Companies Law. This can be an advantage for certain international investors who have opened or done business with English companies or with companies based in other British Overseas Territories.


Our team provides complete information about how to set up a company in Jersey, the main requirements for investors, as well as details about taxation and other matters. We are a dedicated team of company formation experts who assist local and foreign investors throughout the Jersey offshore company formation process, and beyond this point, as needed with various company management matters. If you wish to know more, please reach out to our team of company formation experts and lawyers.

Types of companies in Jersey

An offshore company in Jersey will commonly be used for holding purposes, however, it can also serve as a vehicle for investing in property. One of the most important decisions when locating the company in this jurisdiction will be choosing the most suitable form of company.

Our team specializing in company formation in Jersey is able to assist you so that you can make an informed decision, and structure your business according to your business needs.

 Quick Facts  
 Types of companies available for company formation in Jersey


Minimum share capital for LTD Company (if applicable) and Paid-In Requirement (YES/NO)


Minimum number of shareholders for Limited Company

Corporate tax rate in Jersey 0% in general
Exceptions apply in case of financial service companies, utility companies and large corporate retailers
Dividend tax rate 0%
VAT Rate in Jersey

5% standard rate
0% reduced rate

Number of Double Taxation Treaties (approx. )


Do you supply a Registered Address? (YES/NO) Yes
Local Director Required (Yes/no) No
Can be subject to exceptions in case of certain regulated activities
Annual Meeting Required in Jersey Only for relevant private companies and in the case of public companies
Redomiciliation Permitted  Yes
Electronic Signature Yes
Is Accounting/Annual Return Required? Yes 
Foreign-Ownership Allowed for company formation in Jersey Yes
Any Tax Exemptions Available? (Offshore Income, Dividend Income etc.) Not applicable, given the general 0% corporate tax rate
Any Tax incentives (if applicable) for company formation in Jersey   Not applicable, given the general 0% corporate tax rate

The available business structures have different characteristics and some of the most common business forms are briefly listed below by our agents specializing in Jersey offshore company formation:

  • Limited liability company: this is a business form that is seen as a combination between a company and a partnership, and the law was amended to allow for their creation, given the popularity of the LLC in other offshore jurisdictions;
  • Company limited by shares: this is the business form commonly used, and it can be a public or a private one;
  • Guarantee company: unlike in the company limited by shares, the liability of a member is established based on the offered guarantee;
  • Cell company: this can be a protected cell company or an incorporated cell company; cell companies can be public or private, limited or unlimited, and issue par value shares; the cell company can issue par value shares for one cell only.

Investors also have the option to set up a company in Jersey that will have a limited duration or life. One of our agents can give you more information about these business forms, should you wish to know more about how you can set up a legal entity with a limited period of existence in this jurisdiction.

Jersey offshore company formation requirements

Investors who are interested in company formation in Jersey need to follow a number of rules for incorporation, as well as the ongoing compliance rules. We list some of the most important issues below:

  1. Members: the public company required two members and the private one only one member;
  2. Registered office: the offshore company in Jersey will have a locally registered office that will be its permanent establishment;
  3. Secretary: the Jersey company needs to have a secretary; a nominated person is also needed in case of financial companies and residency requirements apply in this case;
  4. Accounting: keeping the company’s financial records is mandatory; annual corporate tax returns are filed by the end of the year following the year of assessment, together with the financial statements for the said year in case of tax resident companies.

The Jersey Financial Services Commission is in charge of regulating the financial services industry and, therefore, all companies that provide these types of services in Jersey, Channel Islands. Our team can give you more details on the available regulations for businesses in this industry and can also help you obtain the needed permits and licenses.

One of the most important advantages when opening a company in Jersey is the fact that most companies can be exempt from the corporate income tax. The rate is as follows:

  • 0%: in case of resident companies or non-Jersey resident companies with a permanent establishment, engaged in certain business activities;
  • 10%: for companies that offer financial services; our team can give you more details on the scope of taxation in this case;
  • 20%: to companies that are defined as utility companies, as well as larger corporate retailers.

Services offered by our agents and lawyers in Jersey

Our team assists local and foreign clients who wish to open an offshore company in Jersey. Given the fact that company formation can be both fast and accessible, Jersey can be a suitable location to base an international business or structure a legal entity for offshore purposes. That said, all companies will need to observe the general incorporation regulations, fees, relevant laws for preventing money laundering, as well as the ongoing annual and accounting requirements.

Our team is not only helpful when setting up a business in Jersey, but also in providing services for those who have perhaps already incorporated their business and are in need of ongoing assistance. We also assist those who wish to apply for company permits and licenses, who are interested in company mergers or company re-domiciliation in Jersey.

The largest of the Channel Islands, Jersey is a self-governing dependency where the British and French cultures mix.

If you plan to relocate your business altogether, we can also help you with information about how to immigrate to Jersey.

Contact us for more information about Jersey offshore company formation and other related matters.